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Can we all take a moment to appreciate Beth’s look in this scene?

Look. At. This.

This is the look of a woman promising to get even, in some way or another. She’s about to get the snot slapped out of her and I think she knows it. She’s bracing for it and she just looks ANGRY. But besides that, these people whoever the hell they are, took her from the only surviving (as far as she knows) member of her prison family. You can bet your ass that any person, no matter how cool tempered they are, is gunna be just a tiny bit upset over this. I could go on and on about theories regarding who these people are, but one thing that was made very clear today is that Beth is not staying with them willingly. EK’s already said that Beth is going to be a different character in regards to strength and experiences when s5 starts. Beth’s story arc is going to positively blow our minds, more than we’re expecting y’all.

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